The Champion of The KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE Declared

Racer Jantrltn from Thailand is the champion of the The KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE 2022 single-speed race tournament.

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Jantrltn, a Thai racer, has won the title of champion in The KartRider Rush+Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE 2022, a single-speed race tournament. After overcoming 143 competitors from 5 countries in Southeast Asia, he scored 85 points in the final, entered match points, and finished first in the following game. And Jantrltn was a fierce score changer, scoring a total of 95 points to become the champion of the tournament.

The final round gathered the best of all groups, with a total of eight people. Competing in a total of 20 games, whoever scores 80 points first advances to the match points round. And whoever can finish first in any round after advancing to the match points round becomes the tour champion.

The competition was fierce as the results changed frequently. It was not until the 11th game that I͜͡ꈤᴠCHAOS entered match point on the first 84 points. However, in the next game, he could not finish in first place. In the 14th game, Jantrltn entered the match point round with 85 points. In the next game, Jantrltn stopped working and finished first. Jantrltn became the tour’s champion and was crowned the fastest solo racer in the KartRider Rush+ SEA region.

The top four winners of the race were Jantrltn (Thai), I͜͡ꈤᴠCHAOS (Thai), H4TEFUL (Thai) and Pandaaaa (Thai), respectively. They will receive various awards, including medals, and the Race Master Champion trophy will be presented to Jantrltn. 

Scores of Each Match:1st Match2nd Match3rd Match4th Match5th Match6th Match7th Match8th Match9th Match10th Match11th Match12th Match13th Match14th Match15th Match16th Match17th Match18th Match19th Match20th MatchTotal ScoresWinners
[TH] Jantrltn8810641282581031010     951
[TH] I͜͡ꈤᴠCHAOS 31068610510610106666     1082
[TH] H4TEFUL4542884110845458     803
[TH] PANDAAAA6283241065462582     734
[TH] DL`XerXes10621526336531045     71 
[TH] SUR.Quasar5435106158234804     68 
[ID] Hxrz1051035321328133     50 
[SG] I͜͡ꈤᴠArch231413844101201     35 
KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE Scoreboard

In case you missed out on this intense race, you can watch the livestream of last day’s eight rounds of Race Master SEA 2022: Haste here.

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