Total Gaming: Ajjubhai Uid, Real Name, Stats, K/D Ratio, Income & More 2022

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Ajjubhai UID in Free Fire
Ajjubhai UID in Free Fire : Ajju Bhai ID

As we all know, Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world (in India too), but if you are a Free Fire player or lover, then you probably also know about Total Gaming. Who is one of India’s most popular Garena Free Fire YouTubers, with millions of subscribers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Total Gaming was known as Ajjubhai94. He is well known for streaming the gameplay of Garena Free Fire along with his engaging Hindi commentary. However, Ajjubhai hasn’t shown his face yet, so you can only hear his voice.

So, today in this post we will try to share more details about Ajju Bhai, such as: Ajjubhai UID in Free Fire, his lifetime stats, K/D ratio, Guild ID, and some real-life information along with in-game information like this.

Who is ‘Ajjubhai94’ in Free Fire?

Total Gaming: Ajjubhai94 UID

One of India’s most popular Garena Free Fire Content Creators and Streamers who has the biggest fan base in India is The Ajjubhai aka Total Gaming. Ajjubhai, whose real name is Ajay, is one of the best Free Fire pro players in India, as well as a professional gamer and growth hacker. That’s why many players search about Ajju bhai 94 ID (Maybe you too) so below we have givened ajjubhai94 uid number.

Ajjubhai UID in Free Fire

Ajju bhai UID number in Free Fire

Ajjubhai UID number is 451012596, and his game-name is Ajjubhai 94. And you can also easily send friend request to ajjubhai94 through this ajju bhai id.

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Ajju bhai Guild ID in Free Fire

Ajjubhai Guild ID : Total Gaming Guild ID

Right now, Ajjubhai is in the Total-Gaming guild and he is its leader. Ajjubhai’s Guild ID is 62710265 with a total glory of 17 Lakh+. He is also a member of the TG Mafia Guild, whose ID number is 60920276.

In-Game Stats of Ajjubhai ID:-

Ajju bhai Level

Currently, Ajjubhai Free Fire ID’s level is 74 with over 37k+ likes.

Ajjubhai’s lifetime Stats in Free Fire

Ajjubhai Uid In Free Fire
Ajjubhai Uid In Free Fire

Till date, Ajjubhai has played more than 12900 squad games and won more than 3071 matches with 49975 kills. He currently has a K/D ratio of 5.08 in his lifetime stats. And in Duo Mode statistics, he played around 1838 games, winning over 358 matches with over 7314 kills. They have a low K/D ratio of 4.94 compared to squad statistics.

In solo mode, Ajjubhai ID played 1033 games with a K/D ratio of 2.78, with 93 wins and 2616 kills.

Ajjubhai’s Ranked Stats in Free Fire

Ajju bhai ID Number
Ajju bhai ID BR-RANKED Stats

Since the new ranking season only started yesterday, they have not played any match so far. So in the rank statistics, we don’t have any data for ajjubhai free fire id to show you.

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Ajju bhai FF id’s CS Career Stats in Free Fire

Ajju bhai Free Fire CS Stats
Ajju bhai Free Fire CS Stats : Ajju bhai 94 id

Throughout Ajjubhai94’s Cs career, Ajjubhai has played 1718 games, winning over 918 matches with 11739 kills and maintaining a K/D ratio of 1.89.

Ajjubhai Free Fire ID’s Clash Squad Ranked Stats in Free Fire

Ajjubhai Free Fire ID CS-Ranked Stats
Ajjubhai Free Fire ID CS-Ranked Stats

The current season of Clash Squad shows that Total Gaming has played 12 games so far in the current season of Clash Squad and won 7 of them, with 25 kills, due to which their K/D ratio is 0.93.

Ajjubhai’s YouTube Channel

Ajjubhai real name is Ajay

Gamer and growth hacker ajjubhai94 started his YouTube journey in December 2018, which has grown rapidly. Ajjubhai has currently uploaded 1.8k+ videos on the Total Gaming YT channel and has 32.8 million+ subscribers. He has some more YouTube channels, which we have mentioned below.

Total Gaming’s Monthly and Yearly Income

Total Gaming’s Monthly and Yearly Income
Ajjubhai Income Details (Image via: Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, the monthly income of Total Gaming based on YouTube channel views is in the range of around $14.3K-228.5K and their annual income is in the range of around $171.4K-$2.7M. And apart from this, he also earns a lot from super chat, subscriptions, sponsorship, etc.

Ajjubhai’s Social Media Accounts:

2nd YouTube:Ajay Verse
3rd YouTube:Ajju Bhai
4th YouTube:TG Highlights
5th YouTube:Total Gaming Shorts
6th YouTube:TG Tournaments
Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Other Social Media Accounts

I hope this article helped you to know all about your favourite Free Fire YouTuber Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID Number, Stats, K/D Ratio, Guild Income and more.

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