Gang Beasts: Controls for All Systems with Best Combo Moves

Want to know how to climb, slide, backflip, throw, swim, kick, punch, and more combo moves in Gang Beasts? Here's our guide & list of controls for Gang Beasts to help you master the game on all systems!

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Gang Beasts Controls for All Systems (Image via: Gang Beasts)

Gang Beasts, a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal slapstick fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments, has gained the popularity of being one of the most played party games since its release. It’s four-player mayhem, pitting against friends with crazy moves and insane battle maps.

Although it is a quite simple fighting game that is not too serious, the characters of this title can be seen falling and flopping around when the fight starts. While it’s okay to have fun, the game’s controls can sometimes be too confusing for newbies. And since it’s available on multiple platforms, new players may not even be familiar with the game’s controls on each platform.

So here’s a ultimate list of basic Gang Beasts controls and combinations that will help to catch the opponent off-guard on various platforms like the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. as well as deliver an instant knockout blow.

Gang Beasts Controls for Xbox (Xbox One & X|S Series)

Gang Beasts Controls for Xbox
Gang Beasts Controls for Xbox

Here are the Gang Beasts controls for Xbox, which apply to both the Xbox console and if you use the Xbox controller instead of the keyboard on your PC.

RunA (Hold A While Moving)
SitA (Hold While Staying Still)
Lay DownX (Hold)
CrawlB (Hold, Then Move)
Lean BackX (Hold)
Left GrabLB (Hold)
Right GrabRB (Hold)
FlipkickX, Then Tap A Repeatedly
HeadbuttB (Tap)
Two-Handed GrabLB+RB (Hold)
LiftY (While grabbing)
TauntY (Hold)
Left Punch/GrabLB
Right Punch/GrabRB
Super PunchPress B, quickly Press LB or RB
Change Camera anglePress the D-Pad to the left or right
Switch SpectatingRT
BackflipHold X, A, release X
HandstandHold B, LB+RB, X
Zombie WaddleHold B+X, LS
Body SlamFind a ledge, A+B
PowerslideLS, Hold X+B
DropslideLS, Hold A, A, X, A+X
Slide tackleLS, Hold A, Hold X
Knockout HeadbuttHold LB+RB to grab their shoulders, B
Charged headbuttA, B, Hold B
Standing DropkickLS, Hold A, Tap A, Hold X
Flying DropkickLS, Hold A, A, Y, Hold X, B
Mega DropkickA, Hold X
Super DropkickLB and RB, Press A
ClimbHold LB+RB, Hold A
Regular ClimbingLS, Hold A, A, Hold X, B
Leap-up ClimbHold RB + LB, Then Double-Tap A
Swing-up ClimbHold LB+RB, X+B, LS
Throwing foesLB + RB, Then Y, Then Move, Then Release with LB + RB
Show namesLT
Fall backwardHold X while in the air
Fall ForwardHold B while in the air

Gang Beasts Controls for PlayStation (PS4/PS5)

Gang Beasts Controls for PlayStation
Gang Beasts Controls for PS4/PS5

These are the Gang Beasts controls for PS4 and PS5, and all are the same on PlayStation except for some different buttons on their controllers.

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LiftTriangle (while grabbing)
TauntTriangle (Hold)
RunX (Hold while moving)
Lay DownSquare (Hold)
CrawlO (Hold, Then move)
SitX (Hold while still)
Lean BackSquare (Hold)
Left PunchL1
Right PunchR1
Left GrabL1 (Hold)
Right GrabR1 (Hold)
Two-Handed GrabL1+R1 (Hold)
Change Camera AngleD-Pad
Switch SpectatingR2
BackflipHold Square, X, release Square
HandstandHold O, L1+R1, X
Zombie WaddleHold O+Square, LS
Body SlamFind a ledge, X+O
Slide TackleLS, Hold X, Hold Square
PowerslideHold Square, Then Hold Circle While Moving
DropslideLS, Hold X, X, Square, X+Square
Leap-up ClimbHold L1+R1, double-Tap X
Regular ClimbingHold L1+R1, Hold X
Swing-up ClimbHold L1+R1, Hold Square+O, LS
Super PunchPress O, quickly Press L1 or R1
Throwing FoesL1+R1, Triangle, LS, release L1+R1
HeadbuttO (Tap)
Knockout HeadbuttHold L1+R1 to grab their shoulders, O
Charged HeadbuttX, O, Hold O
Standing DropkickX, Hold Square
Mega DropkickLS, Hold X, X, Triangle, Hold Square, O
Super DropkickLS, Hold X, X, Hold Square, O
FlipkickSquare, X, X, X, X, X…
Flying DropkickLS, Hold X, Tap X, Hold Square

Gang Beasts Controls for Keyboard on PC

Gang Beasts Controls for Keyboard on PC
Gang Beasts Controls for Keyboards

Here are the Gang Beasts controls for the keyboard on PC.

  • Note: If you are using a PC to play this game and if you do not have the right equipment, such as a mechanical keyboard, you will not be able to press three keys at once, plus you won’t be able to perform certain combinations, which can become a hindrance to winning.
RunSpace (Hold while moving)
SitSpace (Hold while still)
Lay DownM (Hold)
CrawlCtrl (Hold, Then move)
Lean BackM (Hold)
Left Punch/Grab, key or left mouse button
Right Punch/Grab. key or right mouse button
Left GrabLeft Click /,
Right GrabRight Click /.
Two-Handed GrabLeft+Right Click /,+. (Hold)
LiftShift (while grabbing)
TauntShift (Hold)
Switch Spectating < or >
Change Camera AngleLeft Arrow / Right Arrow
HandstandHold Ctrl, Left Click+Right Click, Space
BackflipHold M, Space, release M
HeadbuttCtrl (Tap)
Zombie WaddleCtrl+M, WASD
Body SlamFind a ledge, Space+Ctrl
PowerslideWASD, Hold M+Ctrl
Slide TackleWASD, Hold Space, Hold M
DropslideWASD, Hold Space, Space, M, Space+M
Regular ClimbingLeft Click+Right Click, Hold Space+Ctrl, WASD
Swing-up ClimbLeft Click+Right Click, double-Tap Space
Leap-up ClimbLeft Click+Right Click, Hold Space
Super PunchLeft Click+Right Click to grab their shoulders, Ctrl
Knockout HeadbuttSpace, Ctrl, Hold Ctrl
Charged HeadbuttPress Ctrl, quickly click the left or right mouse button
Standing DropkickWASD, Hold Space, Tap Space, Hold M
Flying DropkickWASD, Hold Space, Space, Shift, Hold M, Ctrl
Mega DropkickSpace, Hold M
FlipkickM, Space, Space, Space, Space, Space…
Super DropkickWASD, Hold Space, Space, Hold M, Ctrl
Throwing FoesLeft Click+Right Click, Shift, WASD, release Left Click+Right Click

PC/Keyboard Exclusive Gang Beasts Controls

PC comes with some additional exclusive Gang Beasts PC controls that are great for single-player or custom games. And as default controls, it’s a combination of keyboard keys, mouse, and mouse buttons, which can be easily reassigned using the Settings tab, found in the Options tab on the game’s main menu. They are as follows below:

  • Menu: Esc
  • Real-Time Speed: 0
  • Fast Motion: + key (Tap + to make it faster)
  • Slow Motion: – key (Tap – to make it slower)
  • Toggle nametags: Q (Hold)
  • Toggle scoreboard: Tab (Hold)
  • Toggle between Day and Night: F1
  • Spawn Props: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
  • Spawn Forces: 1 or 2
  • Spawn Opponents: Shift/Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8

Gang Beasts Controls for Nintendo Switch

Gang Beasts Controls for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Gang Beasts Controls

From movement to mega dropkick action, here are all the Gang Beasts controls for the Nintendo Switch.

RunB (Hold while moving)
Lay DownY (Hold)
CrawlA (Hold, Then move)
Lean BackY (Hold)
Right PunchR
Left PunchL
HeadbuttA (Tap)
Left GrabL (Hold)
Right GrabR (Hold)
Two-Handed GrabL+R (Hold)
LiftX (while grabbing)
TauntX (Hold)
Change Camera AngleD-Pad
Switch SpectatingZR
HandstandHold A, L+R, B
BackflipHold Y, B, release Y
Zombie WaddleHold A+Y, LS
Body Slamfind a ledge, B+A
Throwing FoesL+R, X, LS, release L+R
PowerslideLS, Hold Y+A
Slide TackleLS, Hold B, Hold Y
DropslideLS, Hold B, B, Y, B+Y
Regular ClimbingHold L+R, Hold B
Swing-up ClimbHold L+R, Hold Y+A, LS
Leap-up ClimbHold L+R, double-Tap B
Super PunchPress A, quickly Press L or R
Charged HeadbuttB, A, Hold A
Knockout HeadbuttHold L+R to grab their shoulders, A
FlipkickY, B, B, B, B, B…
Flying DropkickLS, Hold B, Tap B, Hold Y
Super DropkickLS, Hold B, B, Hold Y, A
Standing DropkickB, Hold Y
Mega DropkickLS, Hold B, B, X, Hold Y, A

Gang Beasts Best Combo Moves for all Platforms (PS/X|S/PC/Switch)

Geng Beast Best Combo Moves
Combo Moves for Gang Beasts

Apart from all of the above controls for Gang Beasts, did you know that you can combine moves to create tricks, such as new moves and special attacks? No? Well, here are some combo moves for Gang Beasts to get started.

  • Super Punch: Press headbutt, Then Press grab
  • Zombie Waddle: Hold the headbutt and kick while moving
  • Flipkick: Hold the kick, and Then Tap jump repeatedly
  • Throwing Foes: Press grab, Then release grab
  • Slide Tackle: Run and Then Hold the kick
  • Powerslide: Move while Holding a kick and crawling
  • Dropslide: Run, Press jump, Tap kick, and Then Hold both jump and kick
  • Regular Climbing: Grab a ledge and Then hoist yourself up
  • Leap-up Climb: Grab an object, Then jump upwards from the grab
  • Swing-up Climb: Grab, Press kick, and headbutt all at once, and change direction
  • Body Slam: Hold, jump, and headbutt at the same time on a ledge
  • Knockout Headbutt: Grab your foe’s shoulders and Press headbutt
  • Charged Headbutt: Jump, Press headbutt, Then Hold the headbutt button
  • Standing Dropkick: Jump, Then Hold the kick while in midair
  • Super Dropkick: Run, Tap jump, Hold kick, Then Press headbutt in midair
  • Flying Dropkick: Run, Tap jump, and Then Hold the kick in midair
  • Mega Dropkick: Run, Tap jump, Press lift, Hold kick, Press headbutt in midair

Frequently Asked Questions about Gang Beasts Controls

How to grab in Gang Beasts?

To grab an opponent in Gang Beasts, hold L1 or R1 on the PlayStation, LB or RB on the Xbox, or LEFT/RIGHT CLICK on the PC Keyboard; otherwise, click L or R on the Nintendo Switch.

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How to swim in Gang Beasts?

To swim in Gang Beasts, repeat pressing R1, L1 on PlayStation, LB, then RB on Xbox, the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON on PC Keyboard, and R, then L on Nintendo Switch.

How to kick in Gang Beasts?

To kick in Gang Beasts, press the Square button on the PlayStation, X on the Xbox, Y on the Nintendo Switch, or M on the PC keyboard.

How to Throw Enemies in Gang Beasts?

To throw an enemy, the simple control method is to grab, lift up, throw, and release the grab buttons.

Control methods for throwing enemies on different platforms in Gang Beasts:

  • PlayStation: L1 + R1, Triangle, Move, and Release with L1 + R1
  • Xbox: press L1 + R1, then Triangle, then Move, then Release with L1 + R1
  • PC/Keyboard: L1 + R1, then Triangle, then Move, then Release with L1 + R1
  • Nintendo Switch: L+R, X, LS, release L+R

How to do a body slam in Gang Beasts?

To perform a body slam in Gang Beasts, players must hold the jump (X) and the headbutt (O) at the same time.

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Here are the controls for Body Slam in Gang Beasts on different platforms:

  • PlayStation: Find a Ledge, then X + O
  • Xbox: Find a Ledge, then A + B
  • PC/Keyboard:   Find a Ledge, then Space + Ctrl
  • Nintendo Switch: Find a ledge, then B+A

How to do a backflip in Gang Beasts?

To perform a backflip in Gang Beasts, you need to lay down by holding Square, pressing jump (X), and releasing the lay down button or square at just the right moment on the PlayStation; on the Xbox, you need to hold X, then A, and release X; on the PC, hold M, then Space, then release M; and on the Switch, hold Y, then B, and release Y.

How to do the zombie waddle in Gang Beasts?

To do the zombie waddle in Gang Beasts, hold headbutt (O) and kick (Square) while moving around (LS) on the PlayStation, hold B+X, then move on the Xbox, press Ctrl+M, then move on the PC keyboard, and on the Switch, hold A+Y, then move.

How to do Handstand in Gang Beasts?

To perform the handstand in Gang Beasts, players need to duck (hold O), grab the floor (L1 + R1), and then press jump (X) to put the legs up.

Here are the controls for doing handstand in Gang Beasts on different platforms: 

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  • PlayStation: Hold O, then L1 + R1, then X
  • Xbox: Hold B, then LB + RB, then X
  • PC Keyboard: Hold Ctrl, then Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button, then Space
  • Nintendo Switch: Hold A, L+R, then B

How to punch in Gang Beasts?

To punch in Gang Beasts, press LB or RB on Xbox, L1 or R1 on PlayStation, the LEFT or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON on a PC keyboard, or L or R on the Nintendo Switch.

How to Perform a Super Punch in Gang Beasts?

To do a super punch in Gang Beasts, players need to press headbutts (O, B, Ctrl, A), and then quickly press one of the grab buttons (L1 or R1), LB or RB (left or right mouse button), depending on which hand they want to punch with.

Here are the controls to super punch in Gang Beasts on different platforms:

  • PlayStation: Press O, then immediately press L1 or R1
  • Xbox: Press B, then Quickly press LB or RB
  • PC keyboard:  Ctrl, then quickly tap the LEFT or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
  • Nintendo Switch: Press A, then quickly press L or R

How to climb in Gang Beasts?

To climb in Gang Beasts, hold LB+RB and then A on the Xbox, L1+R1 and then X on the PlayStation, and Left Click + Right Click, then Space on a PC keyboard; otherwise, on the Nintendo Switch, hold L + R and then B.

How do swing-up climb in Gang Beasts?

To swing-up climb in Gang Beasts, hold L1 + R1, then hold Square + O, then move on the PlayStation; hold LB + RB, then hold X + B, then move on the Xbox; and Left Click + Right Click, then hold Space+Ctrl, then move on a PC keyboard; otherwise, on the Nintendo Switch, hold L + R, hold Y + A, and move.

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How do leap-up climb in Gang Beasts?

To leap-up climb, hold L1+R1 and then double-tap X on the PlayStation; RB+LB+R1 and then double-tap A on the Xbox; and Left Click + Right Click, then double-tap Space on a PC keyboard; and L + R and then double-tap B on the Nintendo Switch.

How to Headbutt in Gang Beasts?

To headbutt in Gang Beasts, tap the circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, Ctrl on the PC keyboard, or A on the Nintendo Switch.

How to perform a Knockout Headbutt in Gang Beasts?

To do a knockout headbutt in Gang Beasts, players need to grab their foe’s shoulders. To do so, hold L1+R1 on the PlayStation, LB+RB on the Xbox, Left Click+Right Click on PC keyboard, or hold L+R on Nintendo Switch to grab shoulders, then CTRL on the PC keyboard, A on Nintendo Switch, O on the PlayStation or B on the Xbox.

How to perform a Charged Headbutt in Gang Beasts?

To perform a charged headbutt, players need to press jump (X), press headbutt (O), and then hold the headbutt button (O) on the PlayStation; on the Xbox, press A, then B, then hold B; on the PC keyboard, press Space, then Ctrl, then hold Ctrl; or on the Nintendo Switch, press B, then A, then hold A.

That’s all. I hope this guide and controls for Gang Beasts helps you navigate the controls of this popular party title. Although unfortunately, Gang Beasts doesn’t have many customization options when it comes to controls, I’ve tried to cover all the available options.

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