Free Fire: How to get Roaring Wheels Monster Truck skin for Free?

Conquer the terrain with Monster Truck!

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Roaring Wheels Monster Truck Skin (Image via: Garena)

Garena keeps surprising players by introducing exciting in-game events with tonnes of prizes to grab during the various festive seasons. And as of this October, during the ongoing Diwali festival, players are highly anticipating witnessing the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, in their favourite game.

And to celebrate this year’s Diwali as well, the developers have introduced many new events like Diwali Pass, Level Up Shop, Gather the Light, Criminal Royale, and much more. They all offer exciting rewards, among them a free monster truck skin. So here is how you can get free monster truck skins through the Free Fire Light Fest Event.

Steps to Get the Roaring Wheels Monster Truck Skin for Free

Like in other events, players don’t need to complete any missions or other special tasks to get the skins of this monster truck, called “Roaring Wheels”. Player only has to log into the game during the event.

And now the free monster truck event has already started on October 14th and will continue till October 21st. The player can now participate in this event by going to the Light Fest event section in the Events tab! And once a player logs into the game for 6 days during the event, they will be able to claim the Roaring Wheels Monster Truck directly from the event page.

Steps to Get Roaring Wheels Monster Truck Skin for Free
With Roaring Wheels Event Has Many More Rewards (Image via: Garena)

But it is not only the monster truck skin. Apart from this, there are many other prizes with the truck skin which are being given to the players for logging in.

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Here is the reward list of what will be given on how many logins. It is something like this:

  • Login 1 Day — 1x Pet Food
  • Login 2 Day — 1x Gold Royale Voucher
  • Login 3 Day — 1x Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  • Login 4 Day — 1x Random Loadout Loot Crate
  • Login 5 Day — 1x Skull Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
  • Login 6 Day — Monster Truck – Roaring Wheels
  • Login 7 Day — 2x Diamond Royale Vouchers
  • Login 8 Day — 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers

So, it’s all about this event and rewards. And since this is a limited-time event, players need to be quick as this event will only last for a few days. Plus, they have additional rewards like magic cube fragments and more by participating in other ongoing events like Gather the Light, Fight the Darkness, etc.

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Meanwhile, players can expect more inclusions in the coming days. So, stay tuned for more updates by following us on Google News, Twitter, and Instagram!

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