Five Nights at Freddy’s Characters List [FNaF-1 To FNaF: Security Breach] 2023

Everything from FNaF-1 to FNaF: Security Breach!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Characters | Image ©️: deviantart/nachothedorito

FNaF, aka Five Nights at Freddy’s, was created by Scott Cawthon for one of his biggest horror game series. It initially started out as a single indie game with a unique concept and quickly spawned an entire series, spinoffs, and even fan content. Though it seems like it might be difficult to keep a single series set around a simple game element without repeating it too much, creator Scott Cawthon found a way to bring audiences back. This was the launch of several parts of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

As of the time of writing this article, Scott Cawthon’s FNaF franchise has released nearly 10+ games and spin-offs, as well as a multitude of fan-made creations. Which helped to make it one of the most popular titles among horror games in the world.

But while the number of parts in the series has increased, the game’s animatronics/characters have also grown. When FNaF 1 was launched, there were only four main characters, but after that, the list has continued to grow, and today there are over a hundred other FNaF characters and animatronics.

And since such a large group of characters with their own specific mythology and relevance becomes difficult to track or find, that’s why we’ll make it easy for you in this post by listing each and every character and their animatronics from the FNaF series games.

All Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Characters List

All these FNaF characters and animatronics come with different functions. There are a lot of terrifying jump-scares. Some are scary, while some just look scary. So let’s move on, but before that, let me tell you that all these are only from official series games, not from fan-made games. And all are placed under the same game from which it originated.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Characters

FNaF Freddy CharacterFNaF Bonnie CharacterFNaF Chica Character
FNaF Foxy CharacterFNaF Golden Freddy CharacterFNaF Endo-01 Character
FoxyGolden FreddyEndo-01
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Characters

FNaF Toy Freddy CharacterFNaF Toy Bonnie CharacterFNaF Toy Chica CharacterFNaF Withered Golden Freddy Character
Toy FreddyToy BonnieToy ChicaWithered Golden Freddy
FNaF Withered Freddy CharacterFNaF Withered Chica CharacterFNaF Withered Foxy CharacterFNaF Withered Bonnie Character
Withered FreddyWithered ChicaWithered FoxyWithered Bonnie
FNaF Shadow Freddy CharacterFNaF Shadow Bonnie CharacterFNaF Mangle CharacterFNaF JJ Character
Shadow FreddyShadow BonnieMangleJJ
FNaF Endo-02 CharacterFNaF PaperPals CharacterFNaF Balloon Boy CharacterFNaF The Puppet Character
Endo-02PaperPalsBalloon BoyThe Puppet
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Characters

FNaF 3 Phantom Freddy CharacterFNaF 3 Phantom Foxy CharacterFNaF 3 Phantom Chica CharacterFNaF 3 Phantom Mangle Character
Phantom FreddyPhantom FoxyPhantom ChicaPhantom Mangle
FNaF 3 Phantom BB CharacterFNaF 3 Phantom Puppet CharacterFNaF 3 Springtrap CharacterFNaF 3 Purple Guy Character
Phantom BBPhantom PuppetSpringtrapPurple Guy
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Characters

FNaF 4 Freddles CharacterFNaF 4 VR Nightmare Fredbear Endo CharacterFNaF 4 Plushtrap CharacterFNaF 4 Jack'o'Bonnie Character
FreddlesNightmare EndoPlushtrapJack-O-Bonnie
FNaF 4 Jack'o'Chica CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare Freddy CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare Bonnie CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare Chica Character
Jack-O-ChicaNightmare FreddyNightmare BonnieNightmare Chica
FNaF 4 Nightmare Foxy CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare Freddy CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmare Mangle Character
Nightmare FoxyNightmare FredbearNightmareNightmare Mangle
FNaF 4 Nightmare BB CharacterFNaF 4 Nightmarionne Character
Nightmare BBNightmarionne
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

FNaF: Sister Location Characters

FNaF Sister Location Michael Afton CharacterFNaF Sister Location Bidybabs CharacterFNaF Sister Location Electrobab CharacterFNaF Sister Location Yenndo Character
Michael AftonBidybabsElectrobabYenndo
FNaF Sister Location Ennard CharacterFNaF Sister Location Ballora CharacterFNaF Sister Location Minireenas CharacterFNaF Sister Location Minireenas 2 Character
EnnardBalloraMinireenasMinireenas 2
FNaF Sister Location Ballora Endo CharacterFNaF Sister Location Circus Baby CharacterFNaF Sister Location Circus Baby Endo CharacterFNaF Sister Location Bonbon and Bonnet Character
Ballora EndoCircus BabyCircus Baby EndoBonBon & Bonnet
FNaF Sister Location Funtime Foxy CharacterFNaF Sister Location Funtime Freddy CharacterFNaF Sister Location Funtime Foxy Endo CharacterFNaF Sister Location Funtime Freddy Endo Character
Funtime FoxyFuntime FreddyFuntime Foxy EndoFuntime Freddy Endo
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator Characters

FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Scrap Baby CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Molten Freddy CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Scraptrap CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Lefty Character
Scrap BabyMolten FreddyScraptrapLefty
FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Candy Cadet CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Trash and The GangFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Funtime Chica CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Helpy Character
Candy CadetTrash and The GangFuntime ChicaHelpy
FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Rockstar Freddy CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Rockstar Bonnie CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Rockstar Foxy CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Rockstar Chica Character
Rockstar FreddyRockstar BonnieRockstar FoxyRockstar Chica
FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Nedd BearFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Mr Hippo CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Happy Frog CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator PigPatch Character
Nedd BearMr HippoHappy FrogPigpatch
FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Orville Elephant CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Afton's Corpse CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Security Puppet CharacterFNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator El Chip Character
Orville ElephantAfton’s CorpseSecurity PuppetEl Chip
FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Music Man Character
Music Man
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night Characters

FNaF UCN Xor CharacterFNaF UCN Old Man Consequences CharacterFNaF UCN Samurai Foxy Character
Dee DeeXorOldman ConsequencesSamurai Foxy
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

FNaF: Help Wanted Characters

FNaF Help Wanted Dreadbear CharacterFNaF Help Wanted Grim Foxy CharacterFNaF Help Wanted GlitchTrap Character
DreadbearGrim FoxyGlitchTrap
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

FNaF: Security Breach Characters

FNaF Security Breach Shattered Roxy CharacterFNaF Security Breach Shattered ChicaFNaF Security Breach DJ Music Man CharacterFNaF Security Breach Party Bot Character
Shattered RoxyShattered ChicaDJ Music ManParty Bot
FNaF Security Breach Shattered Monty CharacterFNaF Security Breach Security BotFNaF Security Breach Wet Floor BotFNaF Security Breach Burntrap Character
Shattered MontySecurity BotWet Floor BotBurntrap
FNaF Security Breach Staff BotsFNaF Security Breach MapBot CharacterFNaF Security Breach Party Bot CharacterFNaF Security Breach Chef Bot Character
STAFF BotsMapbotParty BotChef Bot
FNaF Security Breach The BlobFNaF Security Breach Kart BotFNaF Security Breach Comedy BotFNaF Security Breach Alien Helmet Bot
The BlobKart BotComedy BotAlien Helmet Bot
FNaF Security Breach Rules BotFNaF Security Breach Nightmarionne BotsFNaF Security Breach Magician Bot
Rules BotSewer BotsNightmarionne BotsMagician Bot
FNaF Security Breach Attendant BotsFNaF Security Breach Server BotFNaF Security Breach Nanny BotFNaF Security Breach Monty Gator Character
Attendant BotsServer BotNanny BotMonty Gator
FNaF Security Breach Sunrise CharacterFNaF Security Breach Moondrop CharacterFNaF Security Breach Gregory CharacterFNaF Security Breach Vanny Character
FNaF Security Breach Shattered Roxy CharacterFNaF Security Breach Glamrock Endo CharacterFNaF Security Breach Glamrock FreddyFNaF Security Breach Glamrock Chica Character
RoxyGlamrock EndoGlamrock FreddyGlamrock Chica
FNaF Security Breach Vanessa CharacterFNaF Security Breach Lil Music Man Character
VanessaLil’ Music Man
Image ©️: deviantart/enderziom2004

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many FNaF animatronics are there in all the FNaF series games?

The list of animatronics is long and complex, but all FNaF games primarily feature 130+ confirmed animatronics.

Q. Who is the rarest character in FNaF?

RWQFSASXC is one of the rarest characters in the Five Nights at Freddy’s. It can’t cause direct damage, however, and is a supporting character due to its ability to counteract every attack and revive/give the party extra life.

Q. Who is the scariest FNaF character?

The Bonnie character is considered as the most scary character in the game.

That’s all. This was a list of all the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters. We tried our best to mention every character until the FNaF: Security Breach version, but if we forgot or mentioned the wrong one, please let us know, and also don’t forget to comment on who is your favourite scary character.

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