Royale High: Complete Mal’s Halo Tier List (November 2022)

Looking to get the best value when trading in Royale High? So you landed at the right place. Check out this Royale High Halo tier list to help you out!

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Mal’s Halo Tier List -- Best To Worst Halos! (Image via: Royale High)

Royale High is a leading dress-up game built on the Roblox platform, featuring a variety of characters and elements. You can complete various activities to level up your in-game character, dress up an in-game character, or use diamonds to purchase unique items from the Royale High’s shop.

But apart from all that, since the community is huge, developers tend to support the game, but sometimes you just need a little more guidance on the elements of the game. Halo is one of those elements that comes in all kinds of styles, some of them expensive, but all tradeable. When trading such high-value items, you must be aware of their worth because each has a different rarity and value.

Thankfully, Mal, a renowned Twitter handle based on Royale High Halos, keeps us updated with the latest Halo tier list. In this guide, we’ll go through Mal’s Halo Tier List, ranking all halo from best to worst. So, without further ado, let us get into this Tier List.

Mal’s Halo Tier List

Mals Halo Tier List November 2022
Mal’s Halo Tier List November | ©️:

Here are the rankings of all the halos in the Royale High game in 5 categories, from Tier S to Tier D. Where S-Tier denotes the best Halo in the game with the highest value. Tier-A is almost as good as Tier-S. And the B-Tier has some decently valued halos. While C-Tier halos are less valued than B-Tier and D-Tier halos, they are the lowest valued in the entire Halo Tier list. More information about them is as follows:

S-Tier List

Here are the S-Tier Halos, the best Halos in the game:

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TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
S-TierValentines 20210MediumStable2.7M-3.1MUnstable2.8M-2.85M
S-TierHalloween 20190MediumStable2.4M-2.55MStalling2.45M-2.5M
S-TierValentines 2020100KLowStable2.2M-2.45MStalling2.35M-2.4M
S-TierLucky 20210Slightly LowStable1.9M-2.1MStable1.95M-2.1M
S-TierHalloween 2021100KSlightly LowDecreases1.75M-2MMonitoring1.8M-1.9M

A-Tier List

The Second Best and Epic Halos at Royale High are:

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
A-TierGlimmering 20180Very LowStable1.6M-1.75MMonitoring1.65M-1.7M
A-TierAutumn 20190LowestStable1.6M-1.7MMonitoring1.62M-1.65M
A-TierSpring 2022+100KMediumStable1.45M-1.7MIncreases1.55M-1.65M
A-TierWinter 2019+100KLowIncreases1.35M-1.5MIncreases1M-1.45M
A-TierHalloween 20200Slightly LowStable1.2M-1.4MStable1.3M-1.35M

B-Tier List

Tier B halos are average halos in Royale High games, being an unusual rarity.

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
B-TierMermaid 20190Very LowStalling1.2M-1.4MStable1.3M-1.35M
B-TierCorrupt 20180LowStable900K-1.1MStable950K-1.05M
B-TierEaster 20190LowestStable900K-1.1MStable950K-1M
B-TierValentines 2019+50KSlightly LowStable900K-1.05MIncreases950K-980K
B-TierWinter 2021+50KMediumStable900K-1MIncreases950K

C-Tier List

Royale High Tier C halos are below-average and are the most common halos in the game.

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
C-TierMermaid 20220Slightly LowStable800K-900KStable850K
C-TierMermaid 20210Slightly LowStable800K-900KStable850K
C-TierLucky 20200Very LowIncreases750K-850KStable770K-800K
C-TierWinter 20200Slightly LowMonitoring650K-750KStable700K
C-TierSpring 20210Slightly LowStable650K-750KStable700K

D-Tier List

Here are the worst halos in the game, so they’re on Tier D:

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
D-TierMermaid 20200LowMonitoring650K–750KStalling700K
D-TierHalloween 20180LowStable650K–750KStable700K
D-TierWinter 20180Slightly LowStable550K-700KStable600K-650K
D-TierLucky 20190Very LowStable500K-600KStable550K
D-TierSpring 20200Slightly LowStable450K-550KStable480K-500K

Note: Don’t rely on this list, as it won’t be 100% accurate for everyone.

FAQ of Royale High Halo Tier List:

Royale High Halo Tier List

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to the Royale High Ho Tier List.

Who are the best halos in Royale High?

Tier-S halos are the best halo in Royale High, which includes Valentines 2021, Halloween 2019, Valentines 2020, Luck 2021 and Halloween 2021.

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Who are the worst haloes in Royale High?

Mermaid 2020, Halloween 2018, Winter 2018, Lucky 2019 and Spring 2020 are the worst halo in Royale High and have made it to the Tier-D list.

That’s all you need to know about the Royale High Halo tier list, and I hope you got value from the tier list provided since this list is Mal’s Halo Tier List (Unofficial), you might think that some halos need to be on a different tier.

So don’t worry if you’re getting better or worse value trading for them; it’s still not bad. Have any other queries? Feel free to ask us via comments below.

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