Royale High: Mal’s Halo Tier List (September 2023)

Looking to get the best value when trading in Royale High? So you landed at the right place. Check out this ultimate Royale High Halo tier list to help you out!
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Mal’s Halo Tier List -- Best To Worst Halos! (Image via: Royale High)

Royale High is a popular dress-up game on Roblox, offering diverse characters and activities. You can level up your character, dress them up, and buy unique items with diamonds from the in-game shop. With a massive community, developers continually support the game. But sometimes, you may need help navigating its elements, like Halos. These items come in various styles and values, some being quite expensive.

It’s crucial to understand their rarity and worth when trading them. Fortunately, Mal, a well-known Twitter account focused on Royale High Halos, keeps us updated with the latest Halo tier list for September 2023. In this guide, we’ll explore Mal’s Halo Tier List, ranking Halos from best to worst. So, let’s dive into this Tier List without delay.

Mal’s Halo Tier List for 2023

Mals Halo Tier List 2023
September Halo Tier List (Image via:

Here’s how the halos in the Royale High game are ranked, divided into five categories ranging from Tier S to Tier D. The S-Tier represents the best Halo in the game, with the highest value. Tier A is nearly as good as S-Tier, while B-Tier includes some fairly valuable halos. C-Tier halos hold less value than B-Tier and D-Tier halos, making them the least valuable in the entire Halo Tier list. More information about them is as follows:


These are the top-tier Halos in the game, known as the S-Tier Halos:

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
S-TierValentines 2020+50KSlightly HighStable3.5M-3.7MSlightly Increased3.55M-3.6M
S-TierValentines 20210Slightly HighMonitoring3.4M-3.7MStable3.5M-3.6M
S-TierHalloween 20190LowStable3M-3.5MDecreases3.2M-3.3M
S-TierLucky 20210Slightly HighStable2.85M-3.1MStable2.9M-3M
S-TierGlimmering 20180Slightly LowStable2.65M-2.8MStable2.7M-2.75M


The second-best and impressive Halos in Royale High are:

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TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
A-TierSpring 2022-200kMediumDecreasing2.35M-2.6MDecreasing2.45M
A-TierHalloween 20210Slightly LowStable2.2M-2.5MMonitoring2.3M-2.4M
A-TierAutumn 20190LowestStable2.2M-2.5MStable2.3M-2.4M
A-TierMermaid 20190Slightly LowStable2.2M-2.5MStable2.3M-2.4M
A-TierWinter 20190LowestStable2.1M-2.4MStable2.2M-2.3M


Tier B halos in Royale High are considered average and have an uncommon rarity.

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
B-TierEaster 20190LowestStable1.8M-2.05MStable1.85M-1.9M
B-TierHalloween 20200MediumMonitoring1.7M-1.85MStable1.75M-1.8M
B-TierCorrupt 20180LowestStable1.6M-1.8MMonitoring1.7M-1.75M
B-TierMermaid 2021-50KMediumStable1.3M-1.45MSlightly Decreased1.35M-1.4M
B-TierValentines 2019-50KSlightly LowStable1.25M-1.45MSlightly Decreased1.3M-1.4M


In Royale High, Tier C halos are less valuable and the most commonly found halos in the game.

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
C-TierLucky 2020-50KLowStable1.2M-1.35MSlightly Decreased1.25M-1.3M
C-TierMermaid 20200MediumStable1M-1.2MStable1.1M-1.15M
C-TierWinter 20210Slightly LowStable1M-1.2MStable1.05M-1.15M
C-TierSpring 20210Slightly LowStable1M-1.15MStable1.05M-1.1M
C-TierWinter 20200Slightly LowStable900K-1.05MStable950K-1M


These are the lowest-ranked halos in the game, which is why they belong to Tier D:

TierHaloUp/Down ByDemandDemand RateValueValue RateAverage
D-TierHalloween 20180LowStable950K-1MStable980K
D-TierWinter 20180LowestStable850K-950KStable900K
D-TierLucky 20190Slightly LowStable800K-900KStable850K
D-TierSpring 20200Very LowStable700K-800KStable750K

Note: Please keep in mind that this list may not be completely accurate for everyone, so use it as a general reference.

FAQ of Royale High Halo Tier List:

Royale High Halo Tier List by Mals

Here are some common questions people often ask about the Royale High Halo Tier List, along with their answers.

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What is Royale High Halo Tier List?

The Royale High Halo Tier List is a ranking system that rates the different halo items available in the game. Players refer to this list to identify the most desirable and valuable halos, helping them decide which ones to pursue or to compare their own collection with others.

Which Tier Halos are Best?

Tier-S halos are the best halo in Royale High, which includes Valentines 2021, Halloween 2019, Valentines 2020, Lucky 2021 and Glimmering 2018.

Which are worst halos in Royale High?

Halloween 2018, Winter 2018, Lucky 2019, and Spring 2020 are among least valuable halos in Royale High and are placed in the Tier-D category.

How can I get halos in Royale High?

You can acquire halos in Royale High through various methods, such as completing in-game challenges and events, buying them with diamonds, or trading with other players.

Is trading possible in Royale High?

Yes, the game includes a trading feature that allows players to exchange items, including halos, with each other. You can use this feature to trade your halos and other items with fellow players.

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Is there a rarity tier system for halos?

Certainly, halos in the game are categorized into common, rare, epic, and legendary tiers, depending on how rare and valuable they are. The scarcer the halo, the more valuable and challenging it is to acquire.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the Royale High Halo tier list. It’s not an official list; Mal made it. You might have different ideas about where some Halos should be. So, if the trading values seem different, it’s okay. If you have more questions, ask in the comments. For similar content, visit our Roblox games section, and remember to follow us on Google News and Twitter to get updates quickly next time!

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