How to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle in Free Fire through Criminal Royale

Free Fire has released a brand new royale offering, the Purple Criminal Bundle, as part of the Diwali celebration!

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Purple Top Criminal Bundle Via Criminal Royale | Image Via: Garena

After many years, one of the rarest bundles, the Purple Top Criminal Bundle, is back in Free Fire. This comes as part of the “Light Fest” event to celebrate Diwali. Players can now access it through its exclusive Criminal Royale, which started on October 12 and will go on till October 25.

Players have 2 weeks to receive this rarest bundle of Free Fire. However, this Criminal Royale includes not just the Purple Criminal bundle but other awards as well. So here you know what the reward is and how you can get it.

Purple Top Criminal Royale Has More Rewards

Purple Top Criminal Royale Rewards
Purple Top Criminal Royale Rewards (Image Via: Garena)

This event is a paid spin event that will run until October 25, so players can get this bundle by spending some diamonds for spins. It costs 40 diamonds per spin and 180 diamonds, with a slight discount of 20 diamonds on a pair of five spins.

And, as previously stated, the event does not just include Purple Criminal, but there are numerous other prizes in the prize pool from which the player can choose any random prize.

  • Here is the list of awards that Criminal Royale offers:
    • Purple Criminal Bundle
    • Magic Cube
    • Crack of Dawn (Top)
    • Crack of Dawn (Bottom)
    • MP5 — Blood Red
    • M249 — Fire Bones
    • VSS — Metallic
    • Backpack — Spikey Spines
    • Pan — Watermelon
    • Sports Car — Bolly Party
    • Skyboard — Island Life
    • Magic Cube Fragment
    • Voucher — Diamond Royale/Weapon Royale
    • Loot Crates — Phantom Weapon/Imp-Heads Weapon/Victory Wings/Pink Devil Weapon
    • Universal Fragments
    • Scanner
    • Pet Food
    • Discount Coupon
    • Summon Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle from Criminal Royale

Steps to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle from Criminal Royale
Image Via: Garena

Follow the steps below to get Purple Criminal Bundle:

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  • Open the game and select Luck Royale from the menu on the left. 
  • Click on the “Criminal Royal” option in the left corner menu.
  • Now Criminal Royale page will open and you will have 2 options to spin it. 
  • The first is 1 spin for 40 diamonds, and the second is 5 spins for 180 diamonds, but it has a higher chance of winning, so we recommend it. 
  • Choose one of the options now and start spinning to test your luck!
  • Once you receive the bundle, it will be added to your vault section.

That’s all. And although there’s no guarantee of getting it, if your luck favours you, you can win this Purple Criminal bundle on the very first spin. Otherwise, you need to keep spinning until you win it, which could cost you more diamonds. But with each spin, your chances of winning will start to increase.

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