Free Fire Diwali Event 2023: Schedule, Rewards, Free Magic Cube and More

The Free Fire Diwali celebration continues! ✨

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Diwali, the biggest festival of light in India, is just around the corner, and as always, Garena Free Fire knows how to celebrate it in its own way. This time, Garena is all set to make it one of the largest events of the year, which will bring more joy, excitement, and rewards than ever before, with a series of interesting events and rewards.

And for the celebration, Garena has also released a video to announce that there will be a lot of exciting shows coming out soon, with many extraordinary rewards. And in fact, the Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Calendar has also been officially revealed, confirming the awards along with a list of upcoming events. Keep scrolling down for more details on the much-anticipated event this October.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Start & End Date

Garena named this brand new Diwali event “Light Fest”, which falls on the day of Diwali on October 24th. However, players can enjoy the Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 two weeks ahead. The event will last from October 7 to October 28. In the meantime, the game will be loaded with Diwali themed content during the event, where we’ll introduce game items such as airplanes, airdrops, loading screens, and more, and specific tokens and in-game items to complete the special event’s tasks.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Rewards List
Image ©️: Garena

And while the celebration lasts, players will also be able to participate in several events to win freebies in the game. From which you will be able to claim rewards like weapon skins, pots, diamond vouchers, pet food, bundles and much more included in the rewards list.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Rewards Details

Here is the list of Garena Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 rewards:

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  • Fist — Claws of Fury
  • Granade Tiger Attack
  • Magic Cube 100 Fragments
  • Golden Tiger Token
  • Banner Flaming Beast
  • Gloo Wall Roaring Protector
  • Male/Female Bundle Roaring Night Bundle
  • Lootbox Last Roar
  • Pan Roaring Flame
  • Scarf The Royale Bit
  • Avatar The Golden Tiger
  • Backpack Tiger Clae
  • Skyboard
  • Emote Let’s Go/FFWS 2021/One Finger Pushup/Great Conductor
  • Monster Truck Skin Roaring Wheel
  • Parachute — Predator in the Sky
  • Knife — Dagger
  • Grenade — Festivities
  • Free Pet — Finn/Agent Hop/Ottero/Detective Panda
  • Free Gun Skin — M1014 Enhanced Armour/Kingfisher – Moonlight Ballad/Vector – FFWS/AWM – Wavebreaker Kaze
  • Name Change Card
  • Free Incubator Voucher

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Calendar Details

As we have mentioned earlier, the Free Fire Diwali event will start on October 7th, 2022 and will go on till October 28th, 2022. During this period, more than 10+ different events will be offered.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Calendar Details
Image ©️: Garena

Here’s the Free Fire Diwali event 2022 calendar along with their start and end dates:

7 to 28 OctoberGather the Light
7 to 13 OctoberLogin Back Event
8 to 9 OctoberFree Loot Box
14 to 24 OctoberDaily Magic Cube Missions
15 to 16 OctoberPlay To Win Bandana
14 to 28 OctoberFight the Darkness, Gather the Light Event
14 to 21 OctoberMonster Vehicle Skin(Login Reward)
21 to 27 OctoberLight Royale
October 22ndSkyboard(Login Reward)
October 23rdShirt(Login Reward)
October 24Playtime Rewards & 4-hour Challenges (Magic Cube, Incubator Vouchers, Name Change Card, Gun & Grenade Skin)
25 to 28 OctoberLight Fest Party
17 to 31 OctoberLight Pass Event
Free Fire Light Fest Event Calendar

That’s all! These are some of the officially announced prize lists for, and more are soon to come with other Free Fire Diwali celebration events. Are you excited about this “Free Fire Light Fest Event“? Let us know via the comments!

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