Cookie Clicker Unblocked - Game

Enjoy an endless cookie fun with Cookie Clicker Unblocked! Click, play, unlock events, and strategize with upgrades for an addictive and delightful gaming experience. Switch to full-screen mode for an even sweeter adventure!

What’s Cookie Clicker Unblocked?

Cookie Clicker Unblocked is a sequel to the original Cookie Clicker, developed by ‘Orteil‘. It’s an idle clicking game where the objective is simple: click on the big cookie to generate more cookies. As you accumulate cookies, you can invest them in upgrades and power-ups to increase your cookie production.

How to Play Cookie Clicker Game?

Playing Cookie Clicker Unblocked is as easy as pie, yet incredibly addictive. Simply use your mouse to click on the big cookie at the center of the screen. Each click earns you more cookies, and the more you click, the more cookies you accrue. It’s a never-ending cycle of cookie-making and improving your skills.


Yes, Cookie Clicker Unblocked is compatible with most mobile devices. Simply access it through your mobile browser to enjoy the game on the go.

Absolutely, Cookie Clicker Unblocked is free to play. There are no costs or in-app purchases required. However, expect to encounter ads during gameplay.

While there are websites and videos claiming to offer cheats and hacks, it’s best to avoid them. Most of these do not work and may pose risks to your device. Enjoy the game without cheats for an authentic experience.

To boost your cookie production, focus on purchasing upgrades and buildings. Upgrades enhance your clicking power, while buildings generate cookies automatically over time.