How to Download Free Fire OB39 Advance Server: Registration & Release Details

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Rana Roy
Rana Roy
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Check how to get the upcoming OB39 Free Fire Advance Server (Image via: Garena)

A few weeks back, Garena rolled out the OB38 update for its popular title Free Fire. However, as always, eager players have already started speculating about the next update. And you probably know that before releasing an OB update for the game, Garena also releases an Advance Server, which allows players to test and provide feedback about new features before the update is released and gives them the chance to experience the features of the new update of the game before anyone else.

And this time too, like before, Garena may release advance servers before the Free Fire OB39 update. But since the advance server will be available for a limited time and only a select number of players will be able to test out the new features, it will require registration, which can be a complicated process for you. So, in this post, we are going to tell you how you can register and download Free Fire OB39 Advance Server, along with the it’s release date. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Registration steps for the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server

Registration for the “Free Fire Advanced Server” is free for all, and the process is quite simple and easy. Its trial phase mainly lasts for seven days, during which users can access pre-update features. And to register and download OB39 Advanced Server APK, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Enter the Free Fire Advanced Server website

Registration steps for the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server
Choose your desired login option to sign up for the server. (Image via: Garena)

First, visit the official website of the Free Fire Advanced Server by clicking the given link. This is the registration page where you’ll be signing up for the trial version of the advance version.

2. Register for the Advanced Server using Facebook or Google

Log in with either your Facebook or Google account to sign-up for the Free Fire Advance Server. But, make sure to log in with the account that is linked to your existing game account; otherwise, you’ll see an error message.

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3. Provide your email address to get an activation code

After you have logged in, you will be asked to provide an active email address. Provide your email address and click the “Join Now” button to receive your advance server activation code.

4. Download the APK of OB39 Advance Server

Download the APK of OB39 Advance Server
Copy the provided code to your clipboard or somewhere else, as you will need it later. (Image via: Garena)

Once you get your activation code, you will be redirected to the download page. Here, click on the “Download Apk” button on the website to start the download of the advance server APK file.

Note: Before downloading and installing the Free Fire Advanced Server APK, ensure that you have enough memory and storage space on your device. This will prevent any issues during the installation process and ensure that the game runs smoothly.

5. Install the APK on Your Device

After the APK file is downloaded, open the file and install it on your device. But make sure to enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option if prompted.

6. Set up your in-game account

Login In Free Fire Advance Server APK
Enter your free Fire Advance server activation code to get access. (Image via: Garena)

Open the your installed Advanced Server APK and sign in as a guest user. Create your account by selecting your expertise level and filling in other common details.

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7. Enter the activation code

Finally, a dialogue box will appear asking for the activation code. Enter the code that you got during the registration process. Enjoy the new features and updates on the server.

When will be the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server released?

Free Fire OB39 Update and Advance Server Expected Release Date
The ongoing CS season will end on March 22. (Image via Garena)

Now that you know about the registration process for Free Fire OB39 Advance Server, you must be wondering when the new version will be released. Well, the release date of Free Fire OB39 Advance Server is yet to be announced, but it is expected to be around the first week of March 2023. This is based on the game’s history of releasing a new version every two months; its last update started on January 11.

And as the current Clash Squad season ends in the second week of March, we can expect the update to roll out during this time. However, it is worth noting that the release date is subject to change, and players should keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the release.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Advance Server of Free Fire.

Will joining the Free Fire Advance Server affect my main account?

No, joining the Advance Server will not delete your main Free Fire account.

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Will my Free Fire Advance Server account be deleted once the trial period ends?

Yes, your Advance Server account will be deleted after the trial period, but you can still play on the main server of the game.

Can anyone get the access of Free Fire Advance Server?

No, access to the Free Fire Advance Server is limited, and activation keys will be given only to a selected number of users.

Can I download the Free Fire Advance Server APK from other sources?

Yes, you can download the Free Fire Advance Server APK from other resources, such as Uptodown and Softonic. However, you will not be able to log in to the advanced server without an activation code, which will only be given to a limited number of users.

Do I need to remove the original Garena Free Fire game before installing the advanced version?

No, there is no need to remove the original game because the Advanced Server is treated as a separate application. You can have both installed on your device at the same time.

That’s all for this guide. I hope it helped you by providing all the information you needed to know about the upcoming Free Fire OB39 Advance Server registration and download process. But as I said, the expected release date is subject to change, so you should keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the release, which you can find by following us on Google News, Twitter, or Telegram!

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