A beginner’s guide to mastering Free Fire’s Ranking System

Dominate the battlefield and rise to the top of the leaderboards!

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Rank up & rise to the top with our beginner's guide to the ranking system in Free Fire!

Welcome to our beginner’s guide to the ranking system in Free Fire! Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, understanding the ranking system is vital to improving your skills and competing at the highest levels and ranks.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the Free Fire ranking system. We’ll explain how the system works, describe the different ranks in the game, and give some tips for improving your rank. Let’s dive in!

Free Fire Ranking System: Basics

Free Fire Ranking System: Basics

In addition to earning points(called “Rank Points”) by winning matches and achieving objectives, players can also earn bonus points by participating in events and completing daily missions. These bonus points can help players move up through the ranks faster and reach a high rank more quickly.

In Free Fire, players earn rank points by winning matches and achieving various in-game objectives. And the more points a player has, the higher his rank. There are currently a total of eight ranks in the game, ranging from bronze to grandmaster.

Players start at the Bronze rank and must keep progressing by earning points. As they earn more points, they will advance through the ranks, eventually reaching a higher rank.

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To earn points, players must win matches and achieve various objectives, such as obtaining kills, surviving longer, and reviving teammates. The number of points a player earns for each objective depends on their rank and the difficulty of the objective. For example, a bronze-ranked player may earn fewer points for getting a kill than a gold-ranked player.

And in addition to earning points by winning matches and achieving objectives, players can also earn bonus points by participating in events and completing daily missions. These bonus points can help players advance through the ranks faster and reach a high rank more quickly.


Free Fire offers several game modes, but only a few of them have a ranking system. Previously, only the “BR Ranked” mode determined your rank, but recently, Free Fire introduced a new ranking system in the “Clash Squad” mode as well. This means that Free Fire now has two ranked modes: BR ranked mode and Clash Squad ranked mode.

However, both modes calculate the rank differently. By playing matches, you can earn experience points that will increase your rank. Here is some brief information about these two modes:

1. BR Ranked

BR Ranked Mode in Free Fire

Free Fire BR Rank Mode is a traditional battle royale experience where players land on a large island and fight to be the last one standing. In this mode, players are matched against others of similar skill levels and compete in teams of four to see who can survive the longest.

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Matches take place on a large island with various terrains, including forests, mountains, and cities. Players can choose from a wide range of weapons and items, including shotguns, assault rifles, grenades, and medkits.

2. CS Ranked

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode

Clash Squad Ranked Mode, on the other hand, is a fast-paced game mode that takes place on smaller maps. In this mode, players are matched up with others in teams of two and compete in short, intense matches to see who can earn the most points. Unlike BR Rank Mode, in Clash Squad Rank Mode players can respawn after being eliminated, allowing for a more action-packed and unpredictable experience.

And matches take place on smaller maps with different themes, such as a warehouse, a military base, and a snowy village. Also, players can only choose from a limited selection of weapons and items, including submachine guns, pistols, and medikits.

Different Ranks

In Free Fire Battle Royale, achieving higher positions, eliminating enemies, reviving teammates, and dealing damage will increase your rank points and help you advance through the game’s 8 rank-tiers, which represent different skill levels and offer their own challenges and rewards.

And the higher your rank, the more skilled and experienced you are considered to be in the game. So, here’s a breakdown of the different ranks and what they mean:

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  • Bronze: This is the lowest rank in the game, and it is typically reserved for players who are just starting out or who have not played much.
  • Silver: Players at this rank are even more advanced than those at Bronze. They have a solid understanding of the game and are starting to become quite competitive.
  • Gold: Players at the Gold rank are skilled and have a good understanding of the game. They are capable of consistently performing well in matches. 
  • Platinum: Players at the Platinum rank are among the best in the game. They are highly skilled and have a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.
  • Diamond: Players at the Diamond rank are among the elite. They are extremely skilled and have mastered the game’s mechanics.
  • Heroic: Players at the Elite rank are among the very best in the game. They are incredibly skilled and have mastered every aspect of the game.
  • Master: Players at the Master rank are the cream of the crop. They are the best of the best and are capable of consistently winning matches against even the most skilled opponents.
  • Grandmaster: Players at this rank are the absolute best in the game. They have mastered every aspect of the game and are considered to be the best players in the world. They are the elite of the elite and the top players in the game.

For the heroic and below-heroic rank tiers, each rank is divided into three to five divisions, with each division representing a different skill level within that rank. For example, a player in the Gold I division is likely to be more skilled than a player in the Gold V division.

And in order to advance through the divisions and ranks, players must earn rank points by winning matches and achieving objectives. When a player earns enough points, he or she will be promoted to the next division or rank.

For your information, here is a list of points needed to reach a specific rank in Free Fire:

Bronze I1000
Bronze II1100
Bronze III1200
Silver I1300
Silver II1400
Silver III1500
Gold I1600
Gold II1725
Gold III1850
Gold IV1975
Platinum I2100
Platinum II2225
Platinum III2350
Platinum IV2475
Diamond I2600
Diamond II2750
Diamond III2900
Diamond IV3050
GrandmasterTop 300 players of the region

Ranks Rewards:

Rank Rewards in Free Fire

As you play Free Fire, you will progress through different ranks and unlock rewards along the way. These rewards include weapons, characters, and other items that can help you become more skilled and competitive. Reaching higher ranks also gives you a sense of accomplishment and recognition among other players.

At the end of each season, you will receive season rewards based on the highest rank you achieved during the season. These rewards may include rank tokens, which can be used to redeem prizes in the in-game store. The amount of rank tokens you receive will depend on how long you survive in each game, and there may be a limit on the total number of tokens you can earn in a season.

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Free Fire Rank Rewards
Rank Token Exchange Store (Image via: Garena)

Overall, reaching higher ranks in Free Fire offers a variety of rewards and benefits that can help you become a better player and enjoy the game even more.

Ranks Leaderboard

Free Fire Rank Leaderboards
Ranking Boards (Image via: Garena)

Ranked leaderboards in Free Fire are a great way for players to see where they stand in comparison to their friends and other players. Leaderboards are organised by rank and sub-division, making it easy to see how you stack up against other players.

If you’re playing well and improving your skills, you might even find yourself among the top players on the global leaderboard. It’s a great way to measure your progress and see how you stack up against some of the best players in the game.

Tips for improving rank quickly in Free Fire:

Tips for Improving Rank in Free Fire

Now that you know more about the ranking system in Free Fire, you may be wondering how you can improve your rank and reach the top levels. Here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

  • Play consistently: To improve your rank, you need to earn points by playing matches and achieving objectives. The more matches you play, the more chances you’ll have to earn points and move up through the ranks.
  • Use a strategy: To maximise your chances of booyah and a high rank points, it’s important to have a strategy for each game mode. For example, in BR Rank mode, you may want to focus on surviving as long as possible and avoiding confrontation, whereas in Clash Squad Rank mode, you may want to be aggressive and eliminate as many enemies as possible.
  • Communicate with your team: Communication is key in Free Fire, especially in ranked matches. By communicating with your teammates, you can coordinate your efforts and create strategies to outwit your opponents.
  • Play with friends: Playing with friends can make the game more fun and improve your chances of success. By working together as a team, you can support each other, share resources, and come up with better strategies.
  • Participate in events and complete daily missions: In addition to earning rank points by playing matches, you can also earn bonus points by participating in events and completing daily missions. These bonus points can help you move up through the ranks faster, so be sure to check the in-game events and missions regularly.
  • Stay up to date: Free Fire is constantly being updated with new features and improvements. By staying up-to-date with the latest changes, you can learn about new strategies and take advantage of new opportunities to earn points and improve your rank.

The ranking system in Free Fire is an important part of the game, as it allows players to measure their skill level and compete against others at their level. By understanding how the ranking system works, you can improve your skills and compete at the highest levels.

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We hope this beginner’s guide has given you a broad overview of the Free Fire’s ranking system and given you some tips to improve your rank. With that, thanks for reading our guide to the end.

And if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, follow us on Google News, Twitter and check out our other game’s guides for even more tips and tricks on how to dominate the battlefield. See you there!

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