Double Diamond Offer in Free Fire Max In 2023: How to get cheap diamonds?

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Free Fire Max 100% Bonus Topup Event (Image Via: Garena)

Garena Free Fire, aka Free Fire, always brings a variety of events and items to Free Fire users from time to time. Sometimes these events are top-up based events, which give players a good opportunity to get diamonds cheaply as well as bonus diamonds.

And now again, Free Fire comes with a new similar event called the 100% BONUS TOP-UP, in which players can enjoy more diamonds for less cost. And we also came up with a new guide on how players can get diamonds through this Double Diamonds offer in Free Fire Max.

How to Use the Double Diamond Offer in Free Fire Max

How to Use the Double Diamond Offer in Free Fire Max

Players can easily top up diamonds through the in-game store, which is one of the easiest, fastest, and most secure top-up methods to get diamonds. However, for this, they should ensure that there is a sufficient balance in the Google Play or App Store app or the bank account associated with these stores.

If yes, then here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the Double Diamond Offer in Free Fire Max.

  1. Open the Free Fire Max game on your Android or iOS device of choice.
  2. Access the Top-up Events section by clicking the ‘Diamond’ icon at the top of the game lobby to open the Double-Diamond offer.
  3. Gamers will now be able to see various diamond offers.
  4. After that, the player has to select the number of diamonds they want to top up.
  5. In the last step, a dialogue box will pop up to confirm the payment. And upon completing any diamond top-up, players will receive selected diamonds in the event as well as a 100% bonus.

Gamers are going to get the following 100% Diamond Bonus in the current running bonus event:

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100% Bonus Topup: Double Diamonds Offer in Free Fire Max

I hope this article helped to get Double Diamond in Free Fire Max. With these diamonds, gamers can buy a variety of cosmetics on offer, allowing you to showcase your skills during matches, acquiring fancy character outfits, different items of clothing, vehicles, elite pass, weapons, and much more.

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