Fortnite Crash Pads: Where to Find & How to Use Them

The popular item has finally been unvaulted and is now available again in Fortnite. Here's how to use them and where to find them.

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Crash Pads in Fortnite(Image ©️: Fortnite)

Fortnite is currently on its summer break, which means there’s plenty to do in the game, including a “No Sweat” summer event. Epic Games continues to add non-stop quests, map changes, and items to keep players engaged.

And now, after a long time, the Fortnite Crash Pad, a fan-favorite utility item that can make a huge difference in a variety of situations, has been extracted from the vault this week to add to the fun. Here’s how to use crash pads and where to find them.

What are Crash Pads and how do they work?

A crash pad, a mobility item, has many uses, but the most obvious is to soar players to new heights. Players can put a large square pad on the field by throwing it on the field. Jumping on that pad will blow players into the air, and anyone around is free to use it. Also, the crash pad will prevent damage from falling if a player lands on it. 

However, this is only temporary and will deflate after a short period of time. Plus, it will deflate even if someone shoots you at the pad to force it to hit the ground.

Also, a point to note is that if players attempt to throw a new crash pad too close to the existing pad, it destroys the original pad as well.

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So, where can these Crash Pads be found?

Where to find Crash Pads in Fortnite?

Wondering where to find the crash pad? Actually, anywhere. Yes, you can find this item everywhere. To do this, players must turn their attention to the Chests and Supply Drops that are scattered throughout the Fortnite map. Therefore, whenever you come across containers, you should open them to see if there are any crash pads.

In fact, this item deserves a chance to appear in those containers, and fans should just open each one that comes across them.

For players who want to be a little more active with their searches, they can head to Rave Cave and Tilted Towers, where they appear in much higher density. And in addition, crash pads can also appear as loot on the Floor.

Finally, good luck in completing your “No Sweat” summer quests. I hope this article helped you to know how Fortnite’s Crash Pad works and how to find them.

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