How to Get and Use Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy: A Handy Guide

If you can't beat tough monsters and get enough gold, it's time to try nano coating in the Tower of Fantasy.

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How to Get and Spend Nano Coating (Image via: ToF)

If you want to know how you can get and use Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy, then you are at the right place. Tower of Fantasy, an open-world MMO gacha game that aesthetically resembles Genshin Impact, features an ever-evolving combat system that draws players into its science fiction fantasy world and comes with a variety of characters, features, weapons, and many more battles, which play a major role in the game’s own success journey.

Not only that, the game, Tower of Fantasy also features dozens of rarities with various weapon upgrade materials, mainly known as “augmentation materials“. And as you progress through the game, your progress will result in more dangerous monsters than what you faced in previous levels, so improving your weapons and equipment is essential. And one such material is Nano Coating to enhance the performance of your weapons. In this guide, we will cover everything about nano coating, like its different types, where to get it, and a guide on how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

What are Nano Coating & how to get them in Tower of Fantasy?

How to get Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy
Nano Coating can be obtained from Weapon argumentation boxes (Image via: ToF)

As I said above, nano coatings are one of the many items you can use to increase the performance of your weapons. Also, when you use it, it can also increase your character’s (aka Wanderer’s) power level and give you a better edge in battle. Although there are many ways in which you can obtain them, but,

The easiest way to get Nano Coating in the game is to open the Weapon Augment Kit box, which you can get from Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, and the Omnium Beacon. You can also buy them directly from the Weapons Store for just one black gold apiece.

And another way to get it is through RNG loot, where you get access to a random drop from the Purple Password Chest II, which will require Type II chips to unlock it, or you have to remember to select Nano Coatings. In short, you can get nano coatings by the following six ways:

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  • Dimensional Trials
  • Omnium Beacon
  • Cracking the password chest II
  • Interstellar Exploration
  • Weapon Augment Kit Box
  • Weapon Store

Finally, once you’ve got some nano coating in your inventory, you’ll be able to use it or enhance your weapon’s performance. But for this, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill. You can find them below.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Use Nano Coating

Enhance your weapons with Nano Coating!

To use Nano Coating, you have to reach Wanderer level 20, and your weapon has to be at least level 30 or above. After meeting these criteria, you can move on to the weapons upgrade section to augment or enhance certain weapons. You can also fuse materials to create new ones, which are mainly of three different types, as listed below:

Nano Coating IUpgrades your weapon in terms of power as well as performance.
Nano Coating IIImproves your weapon somewhat better than Nano Coating I.
Nano Coating IIIImproves the performance of your weapon to a greater level.
Types of Nano Coating

Note: Your first few weapon upgrades will improve the performance of your weapon to a greater level and will only cost you gold, weapon kits, and elemental cores. But once your weapon of choice reaches level 30, you’ll need to spend two units of nano coating in addition to the elemental core.

And after that, each upgrade will require an additional coating until you need to start fusing coatings to higher rarities. (Special thanks to for this noteable information.)

That ends our comprehensive beginner’s guide on how to get and use nano coating in Tower of Fantasy. While you’re here, make sure you check out our other guides and walkthroughs for other games at GamesRoid.

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