Minecraft Unveils New Angry Birds DLC

Minecraft has officially unveiled the new Angry Birds DLC into the pixelated world of Minecraft, bringing two new game modes and tons of goodies for players.

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Angry Birds swooped into world of Minecraft image ©️: minecraft

Mojang has teamed up with Oreville Studios and Rovio Entertainment to create the Angry Birds DLC for Minecraft. And Minecraft has now officially unveiled the new Angry Birds DLC in the pixelated world of Minecraft.

The Angry Bird DLC adds a new world where players take control of Red from the film adaptation of Angry Birds, where he tries to struggle to save his friends, recover his stolen eggs, and defeat pesky pigs. And more characters become playable after being rescued, and their unique abilities will help defeat the pigs’ plans. The DLC can now be purchased from the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 coins, but players who want to replicate Angry Birds in-game without spending a single penny can get the Red’s Hoodie item in the game’s dressing room for free.

In this new Angry Bird DLC for the adventure world, Minecraft is bringing two new game modes as well as playable characters, lots of goodies for players, and a new way to enjoy the gameplay of Minecraft inspired by the Angry Birds formula.

To be specific, the two new game modes are Classic and Mission Mode. In Classic Mode, you’ll simulate the classic Angry Birds experience by taking aim with a massive catapult filled with various Angry Birds characters and using them to take down massive towers inhabited by angry hordes of green pigs.

On the other hand, in Mission Mode, you’ll find four new unique environments exclusive to this DLC to explore, each of which will require you to rescue 10 different birds from the series, including Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more. And once unlocked, these birds will be available as playable characters with their own special abilities to use against pigs.

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With a total of six new playable Angry Birds characters, 10 new character skins, and an exclusive Angry Birds Character Creator item for in-game use, any fan of the classic series has the chance to show their love for the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

Minecraft x Angry Birds DLC Trailer:

minecraft new angry bird dlc video trailer/©️:Minecraft

So, if you are either a fan of Angry Birds or Minecraft, or maybe just looking for new and exciting ways to play Minecraft, this is the perfect DLC pack for you!

What do you think of Minecraft’s Angry Birds DLC? And are you excited to check it out? Be sure to let us know via the comments!

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