MuskMelon is all set to launch its new game “Run Melon Run” in August for Android and iOS

The latest super-fun NFT play-to-earn racing game is launching ahead of schedule.

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MuskMelon, a utility token developed on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, is set to take the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and gaming world by storm by launching its new game. whose name is Run Melon Run.

The Game: Run Melon Run

Run Melon Run is the latest super-fun NFT play-to-earn racing game that will be the first of the games to launch on the platform that will host the Melon NFTs and merge the utility of the Melon Tokens. Where players can start racing against time and dodging obstacles, creating avatars of melons in worlds and space, and even hosting them for auction, bidding, or sale on the NFT Marketplace.

And players can also own exclusive NFTs in the form of game avatars, which will have their own special in-game skills that, in turn, will make the player eligible for special and higher rewards.

“Run Melon Run remains a favorite for many of our investors. The said game will host the Melon NFTs and merge the utility of the Melon Tokens, enabling users with dual benefits. The game will be available on iOS and Android stores post its launch.”

Neal Mathews, Project Advisor of Run Melon Run

Game’s Play-To-Earn Model

The game was designed to replace the traditional rewards approach of gaming, in which players could only win prizes that were unique to that game, and there was no way to monetize those rewards because they had no value in the real world. It allows you to win real rewards that can be traded off for other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, BNB, etc.. And with its new play-to-earn game model, it enables players to enjoy their spare time excitingly.

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It also gives them the opportunity to monetize their time. Additionally, these assets can be stored, transferred, and traded on various exchanges as well as on the Muskmelon platform.

Run Melon Run: Release Date

As announced, the game will be released on both iOS and Android stores in the second quarter of 2022, ahead of the launch date due to community demand. Although a demo was already released privately for early investors, today a overwhelming first impression trailer of the game has been announced, which you can check out by scrolling down.

Run Melon Run Trailer(Via their Discord Server)

And apart from this, it is being said that perhaps early access to this much awaited game will be given to the first few.

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