New State Mobile launches a new 4×4 map, Akinta

The September update for New State Mobile is now playable for Android and iOS users with new BR maps, weapons, customization, and more.

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New State Mobile's Akinta Map (Image ©️: Krafton)

Krafton, Inc. announced today that the September Update for the latest game in the PUBG franchise, New State Mobile, is live for mobile on Android and iOS. With this, the latest 4×4 km map, Akinta, is officially live for the players to experience now.

Akinta is the third map in the game, following the original Erangel map and the New State Mobile exclusive Troi map, both of which have been present since the game’s inception. Along with Akinta, which is based on a futuristic African setting, the September update brings a new collaboration with McLaren Automotive, an extension period for the new State Labs, a new weapon, customizations, mod updates, and more. Read further to find out more about the map.

The new Akinta map comes with a futuristic experience and combines features of Erangel and Miramar

The new Akinta map comes with a futuristic experience and combines features of Erangel and Miramar
Image ©️: Krafton

Akinta is designed as a 4×4 km map and is based on the concept of Africa set in the year 2051 to give players a futuristic experience. Up to 64 players will be able to fight to be the last survivor who can last 15 minutes per match. And like Troi and Erangel, the Akinta will be implemented with New State Mobile’s battle royale rules and features, including Recruit, Drone Store, and more.

The map also seems to have been designed to be somewhat of a fusion between two of the most iconic maps in the PUBG universe, Erangel and Miramar. where the northern part resembles varied terrain and has decent cover like Erangel, while the southern part resembles the dry landscape of Miramar on the desert map.

Akinta brings new weapons and customization to the game

Akinta brings new weapons and customization to the game
Image ©️: Krafton

The new map will feature its exclusive gun, a modified variation of the classic AKM called the AK Alpha, which has 7.62mm-type ammunition. The AK-47 has the highest damage per shot of any AR in the New State of Mobile. And, like its predecessor, players can equip it with attachments such as the muzzle, scope, grip, and magazine slot.

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Along with the new weapon, the new map will also bring some customizations to the existing weapon, such as the flash suppressor barrel, which can now be added to the AK Alpha’s C1, but this gun has also received some changes, including increased damage and flash suppression, and recoil control reduction. The Kar98k’s C2 also received some changes, including the addition of a longer barrel, increased muzzle velocity, and reduced vertical recoil control.

Akinta brings new vehicles and McLaren Automotive arrives in style to New State Mobile

Akinta brings new vehicles and McLaren Automotive arrives in style to New State Mobile
Image ©️: Krafton

The new map comes with a new 5-seater electric vehicle (Vcab) that has been exclusively added for it. Its stability is excellent, but speed is slow. And the tram in Akinta will have a speed buff that will allow players to travel from one part of the map to another faster than before, and unlike Troi, once the tram reaches the end station, it turns back in reverse.

And the new collaboration with McLaren Automotive is in full swing. The British supercar manufacturer is bringing a number of stylish features to the game, including cosmetic items such as an outfit, helmet, backpack, gloves, hat, sneakers, mask, and patches that players can receive. Additionally, players can also participate in an event where they will receive a McLaren 720S car skin to complete the mission objective.

Other Map and Mod updates

New State Mobile's Map and Mod updates
Image ©️: Krafton

After Akinta, the default map to be chosen when entering the lobby has been changed from Troi to Akinta. And with the release of Akinta Battle Royale, the Troi and Erangel Extreme modes have also been dropped for further refinement. Therefore, players will not be able to select Extreme Mode in Map Select, although they will be able to play both Troi and Erangel Extreme in custom matches.

These are the updates on New State Mobile’s new map, Akinta. You can view the full September Update patch notes here.

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