‘Torchlight: Infinite’ Pre-Registration Is Live On The Play Store.

A true loot-based ARPG game with ultimate flexibility is coming.

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After several months of testing with the public in two separate closed betas, publisher XD Entertainment’s upcoming ARPG title, Torchlight: Infinite for Android, has now begun pre-registration on the Google Play Store. According to a recent announcement, the game will enter open beta this month.

The Game: Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite is a free-to-play action RPG game where a team of heroes with elite powers must face a world-consuming darkness and embark on a quest to fight corruption. And the game features a range of playable heroes, each with their own traits and access to over 50 talent nodes, which will let you play your way.

There’s also the addition of over 200 skills that will be available in the game, and over 230 legendary gear pieces. Aside from these, the developer is looking for customization and flexibility to give Torchlight fans enjoyment and fresh heroes and other content in regular seasonal waves while doing this continuation or soft reboot for mobile and PC.

Also, players can loot to upgrade build styles and build a famous catalog. Plus, unlimited drops from battles allow for full customization. which you can upgrade your hero or buy from the in-game free market.

Pre-registration for Torchlight: Infinite on Android via the Google Play

Players who are interested in trying out the game on their Android device can start pre-registering ahead of the open beta on the Google Play Store app or website, if not directly from the Torchlight: Infinite website. And can also do it on the TapTap app.

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Although there is still no definite release date for this game, the official gameplay trailer for Torchlight: Infinite shows players what to expect from the game in terms of combat, character customization, and ability options and the game is likely will be released in October, 2022. For more details, you can visit Torchlight Infinite’s website.

So, what do you think about Torchlight: Infinite coming in October 2022 ahead of its upcoming open beta test? Let us know in the comments below!

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