Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID: K/D Ratio, Stats, Guild, Income & More In 2022

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Popularity of Free Fire has continued to grow since its release. Not only does the game have a huge player base, but it also has an increasing amount of game-related content as well as a growing audience on YouTube.

Therefore, the widespread popularity of Free Fire has led to the emergence and subsequent success of game-related content creation. Due to this, many successful creators have emerged around the game.

And Gyan Gaming is one of them, who is the most famous and successful gaming content creators in India. So in this article, we will talk about his Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats, guild and more. Also about his estimated monthly and yearly income.

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Who is ‘Gyan Gaming’ in Free Fire?

Gyan Gaming Real Life Photo
Gyan Gaming Real Life Photo(Image via their insta)

Sujan Mistri, popularly known by his IGN Gyan Sujan is one of the prominent Free Fire content creators from India who recognized by his channel Gyan Gaming with over 14.3 million subscribers.

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Gyan Gaming is from West Bengal, India. He plays Free Fire using both his PC and smartphone and he also comes on the list of Top 10 Garena Free Fire Youtubers in India.

Gyan Gaming UID in Free Fire

Gyan Gaming UID is 70393167, and its game-name is “_GyanSujan_.” You can send him a quick request through this Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID. And mostly, he plays the game on the emulator itself.

Gyan Gaming Guild ID in Free Fire

Gyan Gaming Guild ID In Free Fire

Currently, Gyan Gaming is in the GʏᴀɴGᴀᴍɪɴɢᴳᴳ Guild and he is its leader. The Guild ID of GʏᴀɴGᴀᴍɪɴɢᴳᴳ is 61721403 with a total glory of 32 Lakh+. This guild is one of the most popular in Free Fire in India, where many YouTubers are in this guild, including Raistar and many more.

In-Game Stats of Gyan Gaming ID:-

Level and Likes

Current level of Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 79, and to talking about his likes, it’s over 62k+ as he is one of the popular players and YouTubers among the Free Fire community.

lifetime Stats

Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID’S Lifetime Stats

Gyan Sujan has played 19165 squad matches so far in his lifetime, out of which he has won 6836 matches. And the total number of kills is 68830.With this, his K/D Ratio is 5.58.

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If we talk about Duo, then there are a total of 2239 matches, out of which 510 have been won by killing 6108 opponents. And the K/D Ratio of 3.53 is maintained.

A total of 1460 matches have been played in the same solo, in which 159 matches have been won. And with a K/D ratio of 1.84, the total kills is 2388.

Ranked Stats

Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID’s BR Ranked Stats

GyanSujan has not played too many matches in the current BR-Ranked season. He played only one solo match, in which he was initially eliminated with 0 kills.

CS Career Stats

Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID’s CS Career Stats

Gyan Gaming has played a total of 2084 matches in its CS career, out of which it has won 1162 matches with 9198 kills and maintained a K/D ratio of 1.33 and a win rate of 55.76%.

CS Ranked Stats

Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID’s CS Ranked Stats

In the current season of CS Rank, he played 58 matches and won 44 of them. and has maintained a KD radio of 1.65 by eliminating 148 opponents. Apart from this, his headshot rate and win rate are 26.35%, 75.86% respectively.

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Gyan Gaming’s YouTube Channel

Sujan Mistri, aka Gyan Gaming created his channel on 1 September 2017 and uploaded his first video on 23 January 2018 which was not of Garena Free Fire. He initially made content on Clash of Clans but switched to Garena Free Fire a few years ago and now he mostly does live stream and his other videos revolve around several aspects of the game like gameplay, vlogs, events and diamonds giveaways etc. He has uploaded about 2.4k+ videos on his channel till now.

Gyan Gaming’s Monthly and Yearly Income

Gyan Gaming’s Monthly and Yearly Income
Gyan Gaming Income Details (Image via: Social Blade)

As per the estimates available on Social Blade, based on YouTube channel views, Gyan Gaming’s monthly income is in the range of $6K-$95.6K and its annual income is in the range of $71.7K-$1.1M. He also earns income from super chats, subscriptions, and sponsorships.

Gyan Gaming’s Social Media Accounts:

Instagram:Click here
Facebook:Click here
Personal FB:Click here
Discord:Click here
Shorts YT Channel:Click here

That’s all for today’s post, Free Fire Youtuber Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Guild, Income, etc. And the last thing to note is that all the numbers or statistics given above are taken at the time when this article was written or last updated. All figures are subject to change from time to time.

So make sure to cross-check all these numbers, as they may vary slightly, but not too much.

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