GN Killer: CC MUGU YT Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, Stats, Guild, Income & More

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Free Fire is one of the most played action-adventure battle royale games. Also, the game has huge popularity among all the players who love to play the Battle Royale games. But in addition to its popularity due to its large player base, the number of players has continued to compete each other. Everyone is busy in a race to beat someone, get ahead, someone is increasing their rank, someone increasing likes, and while someone is working hard to increase their in-game level more.

CC MUGU YT is one of those who continues to try to increase their level, trying to make history in their region by playing 18 hours a day and gaining more than 50000 exp per day. So today’s post is based on CC MUGU YT Free Fire ID, his stats, KD ratio, guild, and including his other details.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Who is ‘CC MUGU YT’ in Free Fire?

CC MUGU YT is one of the highest level player in Free Fire. With a level of 99, he is the highest level Free Fire player in Tamil Nadu, India, as well as the world. Recently he reached at 99. He is also a Grandmaster player who has ranked as Grandmaster in 11 consecutive BR Ranked seasons. And talking about the gameplay, he is a full-map player.

CC MUGU YT UID in Free Fire

CC MUGU YT Free Fire ID is 281249226, and the IGN is CC-MUGU-YT-. He has 99 level with around 69K+ likes on his profile. And as I mentioned above, he gains about 50k exp per day, so we can assume that he will soon cross 100 level in Free Fire.

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CC MUGU YT Guild ID in Free Fire


Right now, CC MUGU YT is in ɢᴜʀᴜநாதா guild, which ID is 64771931. And it has a total glory of 37 lakh or more. He is also its leader.

In-Game Stats of CC MUGU YT ID:-


ModeMatchesWinsKillsK/DHeadshot Rate
Lifetime Classic Match Stats


ModeMatchesWinsKillsK/DHeadshot Rate
BR Ranked Stats

CS Career

Headshot Rate31.60%
Win Rate47.98%
Clash Squad Lifetime Stats

CS Ranked

Headshot Rate44.71%
Win Rate57.76%
Clash Squad Rank Season Stats

CC MUGU YT’s YouTube Channel


CC MUGU YT has a YouTube channel named “GN Killer FF“, which has more than 8.7k subscribers. He created this channel on November 21st, 2019 and has uploaded 163 videos, getting a total of 122244 views. And regularly, he also streams on this channel at 5 p.m. Apart from this, he also mentioned a channel named GN KILLER, so it may be his channel too.

GN Killer’s Monthly and Yearly Income

At present, we do not have any data regarding the monthly and yearly income of GN Killer (CC MUGU YT). We will try to update it as soon as we get it.

His Social Media Accounts:

InstagramClick here
FacebookClick here
DiscordClick here

That’s all for today’s post, Free Fire Highest Level Player CC MUGU YT UID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Guild, Income, etc. And the last thing to note is that all the numbers or statistics given above are taken at the time when this article was written or last updated.

All figures are subject to change from time to time. So make sure to cross-check all these numbers, as they may vary slightly, but not too much.

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