How to get Free Magic Cube Fragments from the “Light Fest” event

Grab 100× Magic Cube Fragments Free!

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Claim Free Magic Cube Fragments Through Light Fest Event Missions (Image via: Garena)

As part of the Diwali celebration, a brand new event, “Light Fest” is already underway in Free Fire that includes tonnes of exciting rewards and items for players. And with the arrival of the new event, the developers have changed the in-game theme. With that, the game has dropped a variety of events where players will have the best chance of getting exciting free rewards.

In addition, players will also be given fragments of the Magic Cube from October 14. By collecting these magic cube fragments, players can redeem the Magic Cube and claim the special Legendary Magic Cube Bundles. Scroll down to learn more details about how you can get free Magic Cube fragments from the Light Fest event.

Free Fire Light Fest Event: Free Magic Cube Fragment Mission

Free Magic Cube Fragment Mission From Light Fest Event
Caim Free Magic Cube By Completing Missions (Image via: Garena)

As per the calendar, it has been revealed that the Magic Cube Fragment mission event in the game will be launched on October 14, 2022, which is now live. There will be a total of 10 missions for this event, out of which 9 missions have not yet been revealed, and mission 1 has started from today, October 14, which will last for 2 days.

Every day for two days, players in the mission will receive 10x Magic Cube fragments. To get these, players only have to complete a simple mission, which is to play 3 matches with their friends. And they’ll be able to claim their reward from the 1: Play with Friends section of the Light Fest event once they’ve completed it.

Moreover, on the same date, several other events took place, such as the ‘Level Shop‘, which offers discounted items; the ‘Free Monster Truck‘, which gives a free monster truck skin for logging in; and much more.

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How to redeem Magic Cube Fragments to Magic Cube

How to redeem Magic Cube Fragments
Exchange Magic Cube Fragments to Magic Cube & Get Exclusive Rewards (Image via: Garena)

While getting free magic cube fragments is not a difficult task, on the other hand, some new players face problems in redeeming magic fragments into magic cubes and grabbing rewards. So we’ve put together a guide to help in redeeming magic cube fragments into magic cube.

Here’s the guide for redeeming magic cube fragments into Magic Cube:

  • First, players have to open the game and navigate to the in-game store by selecting the store option from the left side menu.
  • Then, on the right side menu, they have to click on the redeem options and select Magic Fragment section.
  • Lastly, players will have to redeem 100x fragments into Magic Cube, and then they can grab their desired bundle from the Magic Cube Store.

Note: Players need 100 fragments to redeem a Magic Cube, as fewer fragments cannot be redeemed.


Players must remember that the event will be for a limited time period, so they have less time and have the best opportunity of getting rewards for free.

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