What does Punch Enchantment do in Minecraft: is it worth it?

There are many enchantments that can be placed on your favourite bow to make it the most powerful weapon in Minecraft. Punch enchantment is one of them!

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Punch Enchantment in Minecraft also known as Push Enchantment (Image via: Minecraft)

Minecraft comes with a number of different enchantments that players can use with their gear to make them more powerful or improve their efficiency. With enchantment, players can enchant their bow to make it more powerful and stronger. And the higher the level of enchantment power on the bow weapon, the more damage the player can deal from afar.

But, of all the enchantments that can be placed in your favourite bow, there is one that allows Minecraft players to easily transform into the most powerful weapon in Minecraft: the Punch Enchantment. So today we are here to know more about this Minecraft punch enchantment, whether it is worth it, how to get it and many more. Let’s dive!

What does Minecraft Punch Enchantment do

Punch enchantment is a bow enchantment that enhances the knockback of an arrow and gives the exact same benefit as the knockback enchantment that you can apply to swords. But this does not increase the amount of arrow damage that is dealt; it only increases the amount of knockback damage.

This means mobs and other players will experience more knockback when hit with a punch-enchanted bow. And it will cause the player or mob to repel more backwards than a normal base knockback.

So, if you shoot an arrow at a mob or player, they will receive an increased knockback and will be pushed away by 3 or 6 blocks depending on the level of the punch enchantment.

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What is the Max Level for Punch Enchantment

What is the Max Level for Punch Enchantment
Punch I and II (Image via GamesKeys.net & Minecraft)

However, the base knockback can vary depending on the mob or the player’s knockback resistance; for example, Iron Golems, Shulkers, and Ender Dragons are immune to knockback. The maximum level for Punch Enchantment is level 2. In which each level of punch will increase the level of knockback from three blocks to a maximum of six. This means that at full enchantment, an enemy will be sent flying back six blocks, and since you can upgrade it once, you can use punch two to push an in-game entity to a maximum of six additional blocks with just a single arrow.

How to add Punch Enchantment to Bow

How to add Punch Enchantment to Bow
Punch Enchanting To Bow (Image via GamesKeys.net & Minecraft)

Players can add punch enchantment to any bow using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command or by spending experience earned by the player and some lapis lazuli. Plus, a higher level of enchantment can be placed on a table by surrounding an enchanting table with extra bookshelves. But one thing to note is that a higher amount of experience will have to be spent to get higher-level enchantments.

Is Punch Enchantment worth it in Minecraft?

Is Punch Enchantment worth it in Minecraft
Worth? (Image via Stingray Productions YT & Minecraft)

So, Is the Punch Enchantment in Minecraft worth it? Punch enchantment can be quite situational. It’s not the kind of enchantment you always want on your bow by default. This can be both helpful and annoying. but how? Well, it can be annoying to push away enemies that are running away from you, giving them extra distance. And a push enchanted bow isn’t suitable for chasing enemies, but it can be helpful when you’re being chased or when you’re surrounded by enemies, to give yourself extra space as well.

Another opinion by Arash Khan’s answer on Quora, according to him, it is like if you are trying to run away from someone or something, you shoot yourself with an arrow, and if you use your power to use flame, you will go ahead. But if you bow down, then it’s going to do you some harm. Plus, if you’re grinding for a mob drop, like Skeleton Skull, each with its own bow, that means you’ll have to go further to check loot. Hence, he says that a god bow for regular use and a punch bow can be used to repel enemies and enhance oneself.

Final Thoughts

However, increased knockback does not necessarily mean increased damage. It’s still a great way to escape difficult situations or push the mobs into certain areas, and it’s also helpful for you in PvP.

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With that, the information about Punch Enchantment ends. I hope this is of some info help you, and if I have mentioned something incorrect info, please let me know via comments so that I can correct it.

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