Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Details: Badge, Photos, Bundles, How to Get it

Season 1 Elite Pass in Free Fire failed to attract much attention due to being a new concept and the lack of a player base at the time. However, it has now become one of the rarest elite pass in the game.

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Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass | Image ©️: Garena

Did you know that, starting in June 2018, about 10 months after the game’s release, Garena Free Fire started bringing the Elite Pass to the game, and you might be surprised to know that so far it has released 53 Elite Pass seasons? Have you seen them all? If not, be sure to check out our list of all Free Fire elite pass from Season 1 to till now.

But this will definitely bring a question in your mind, which is the Free Fire First Elite Pass Season? What will it look like? What is its badge? Is the bundle animated or simple? Is it still possible to get the FF Season 1 Elite Pass? That’s why today we’re here to tell you all about Free Fire first Elite Pass, from badges to bundles, photos to how to get it, and much more. Let’s go ahead.

What is the Free Fire First Elite Pass?

Introduced in June 2018, the Kitsune was the Free Fire first Elite Pass. It was Japanese themed and ran until June 30th. The game wasn’t that popular at the time, with only a small part of the current player base, and with the concept of the Elite Pass being new, not many people showed interest in purchasing this first Elite Pass of Free Fire. Therefore, the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass became one of the rarest Elite Pass in Free Fire.

Due to this, today’s majority of players like it very much and are keen on getting it, as well as keep trying to get it in ways.

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Rewards

As of the first season, Garena never compromised on the rewards of Season 1 Elite Pass that were given to the players. This included a variety of rewards, from backpack skins to exclusive bundles, from free rewards to premium rewards, and much more. And this decision by Garena took the game to new heights, and it emerged as a successful initiative in the game. And today, all the prizes claimed at that time have now become rare.

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Here is a list of the rewards for the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 1:

Sakura Emblem(Badge)

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Badge
Free Fire Kitsune Elite Pass Badge

Free Fire’s first Elite was the first in the game to introduce a badge system, which allowed the player to remember rewards and pretend to other players that they had purchased the Elite Pass. The badge for the Season 1 Elite Pass is designed as a flower in white and black, which can be collected by completing tasks available on the Elite Pass missions page, and, as was the case with the Kitsune Free Fire First Elite Pass, only 175 badges were required to complete the pass at the time, compared to now.

Sakura Blossom Bundle (Male/Female)

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Arrives With 2 Special Bundles named Sakura Blossom Bundle, One of them is for Men and Another one for Female Characters. Which has become one of the rarest bundles in Free Fire today. Although the men’s bundle of the Season 1 Elite Pass can be obtained in 4 different parts: Oni Mask, Way of the Bushido (top), Bushido Bottom, and Bushido Footwear, while the female bundle only comes with one set.

Avatars and Banners

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Banner and Avatars
Kitsune Elite Pass Banner & Avatars

Like the Sakura Bundle in Free Fire, the avatar and banner of the first Elite Pass season also became very popular and rare. This Kitsune elite gave a total of 3–3 avatars and banners, the first Falling Petal, the second Koi, and the third Snow Beauty. It featured a floral design pattern with a combination of red, blue, and black. Although the black avatar and banner are considered more as rarest Avatar and Banner in Free Fire.


Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Lootbox
Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Lootbox Skin

Another featured item in this Elite Pass is a lootbox, which is a combination of dark blue, black, and some white. It looks like a gift box, so many players also call it a gift box lootbox.

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T-shirt (M/F)

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass T Shirts
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 1 Shirts

The Elite Pass gives each player a free T-shirt for both male and female characters that can be obtained at only five badges. Although it’s of a fairly simple type, it doesn’t have any special animated animations on it.

Surfboard Skin

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Surfboard
Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Surfboard Skin

One of the rarest surfboard skins in Free Fire came with the Kitsune Elite Pass, which features an exquisite combination of colours and patterns.

Parachute Skin

Free Fire First Elite Pass Parachute Skin
Free Fire First Elite Pass Parachute

Surfboard skins have arrived, so why not parachute skins? So Garena also brought a parachute skin.

Backpack Skin

Free Fire First Elite Pass Backpack Skin
Season 1 Elite Pass Backpack In Free Fire

The first FF elite pass offered player 2 bag pack skins as reward, but one was only for premium users and the other was given to everyone. Although there is not much difference between them, they all have the same simple animation.

Other Rewards

In addition to all of the above, there were other rewards given in the season 1 elite pass such as gold, character fragments, supply boxes, etc.

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How to get the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass?

Currently, there is no way to get the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass, but there is a possibility that, as last time, due to high demand, Garena Free Fire brought several Elite Pass bundles back into the game, including the Sakura Blossom bundle from the first Elite Pass “Kitsune“,  so as well as its rare bundles could be brought back in the future to the wheel events, or maybe to a new Luck Royale.

However, diamonds are going to cost around 2K-3K to get, so it will still be hard to get for players who don’t want to or can’t spend that much money on the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many elite passes are in Free Fire?

As of October 2022, a total of 53 Free Fire Elite Pass seasons have passed.

Which is the first elite pass in Free Fire?

The first elite pass introduced in the game was “Kitsune”, which came in June 2018 with many rewards, including the Sakura Blossom Bundle, which was based on a Japanese theme.

What is the launch date of Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass?

The launch date of the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass is June 1, 2018, and the expiration date is June 30.

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Which is the Rarest Elite Pass Bundle in Free Fire?

Sakura Blossom is one of Free Fire’s rarest Elite Pass bundles that came with the first Elite Pass “Kitsune”.

What is the Season 1 Elite Pass Sakura Bundle return date?

It’s up to Garena. There’s only a 1% chance of it coming. But if it comes, maybe it can be obtained through Luck Royale.

How to get the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass?

Currently, there is no way to get the Season 1 Elite Pass, but there is a possibility that Garena may bring back its rare bundles at some future events like Luck Royale or Wheel Event.

Is it safe to use the Free Fire Season Elite Pass Config Glitch or Zip file?

No, all types of glitch files, like VIP glitch files and config files, are unsafe and restricted to getting the Free Fire Elite Pass. It may even put a ban on your Free Fire account.

That’s all! I hope this article helped you to know all about the Free Fire’s first Elite Pass Kitsune. What are your thoughts on this elite pass? Would you like to buy it when it comes back? Let’s know about us via commenting below.

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